The mission

The Frood has the mission to empower millions of people who suffer from dietary restrictions to make safer food choices. We believe in a world in which people with dietary restrictions can live more care-free lives and where food transparency is as common as recycling.

All over the world food allergies are on the rise. In some countries the number of people suffering from these allergies has grown between 5 or 10 times in the last couple of decades; this is largely due to increased consumption of heavily processed food and sedentary lifestyles. For some, the risk of eating a peanut is at least a trip to the hospital.

In The Netherlands alone, 22% of the population or 3.8 million people suffer from at least one form of dietary restriction, such as lactose and gluten intolerance.

After interviewing more than 15 people with food restrictions we realized that the main issue they have is not with food itself, but with identifying what is safe or not for them to eat. That is why we are creating Frood, an app that easily scans the labels of packaged goods to identify if they contain risky allergens, such as wheat, lactose or nuts.

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