The team

The founding team consists of Vladimir Bogomolov and Alksandr Smirnov. Mr. Smirnov is a medical doctor with a specialization in Nephrology and his role in the team is to provide health, nutritional and scientific advice that ensure that the project is relevant for our customers from a health perspective. Mr. Bogomolov is a PhD in Technical Sciences and he leads the technology development of Frood.

Our team

For about two years Vladimir has been dealing with a dietary restriction that makes it very difficult for him to choose suitable food products. In 2019 the founders had been forced to move to the Netherlands as a refugees and decided to create the Frood to solve the dietary problem and to practice a coding skills.

This project has been co-developed with Forward Incubator.

The project would not have been possible without support of Florian Chilla, Antonio Alvarez, Marlena Leonhard and You-Rim Yoy├│ Kim.

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